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Residential Services Overview

The residential department at FTA has been trained in numerous low voltage applications.  We started out with installing residential security systems, intercom systems, and central vacuums and became very talented in doing difficult projects in new construction, elaborate remodels and already completely built homes.  Recognizing our talent and effectiveness at low voltage wiring we extended are arsenal to involve residential structured wiring which includes cat5 and cable wiring.  Again, the talents of our residential crew glowed brightly. 

As FTA noticed the evolution of home entertainment products, such as home theater and distributed audio, we trained our staff and developed product lines to include cost effective home entertainment solutions with the same talent, passion and customer service as we do in all areas of our installations.

Recently, we have added other low voltage products such as residential camera systems to become a fully capable low voltage company that can be a one stop shop for our customers.  We have also been doing continuous training on more elaborate custom home entertainment and theater systems that can achieve anything a consumer would want.

Our residential department at FTA also understands the value of customer service.  We pride ourselves on being a company that grows based on referrals and customer satisfaction.  We understand the importance of a smooth installation with good communication between our staff and our customers.  One of the philosophies that we work by is to always stay in communication with our customers.  Good communication is the key to a smooth installation and customer satisfaction….

Thank  you for considering the residential department for your home low voltage needs.