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Make Sure Your New Homes are Wired for Living

The Information Superhighway is no dream of the future. It is in place now. We have telephones, cable and satellite TV, Home offices with a PC, fax, modem, and the Internet World Wide Web at our service. This means home shopping, banking and other convenient services.

That’s why homes you are building today need an improved wiring method to handle all of the new electronic equipment and services available now and in the future. First Trust Alarm Company can provide this critical wiring infrastructure for whole house distribution of multiple telephone lines, high-speed data, cable and satellite TV, all in flexible, modular that can accommodate future changes and growth.

The heart of the system is the service center where all incoming service cables terminate. From there they are distributed throughout the house over high speed, high quality telephone and video cabling, terminating in attractive decorator style wallplates. The wall outlets come in a wide selection of combinations for telephone, data, camera, cable and satellite TV.

In closing, be a builder of the new millennium and select First Trust Alarm Company for all your low voltage needs.