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Do you Need to be Monitored?

There are two primary types of system available: monitored and unmonitored.


Monitored systems contact a monitoring company by telephone, if the security system senses an intrusion and is not deactivated within 45 seconds. The monitoring company receives the message, determines the nature of the alarm and verifies it, usually by placing a call to the home or business. If they do not receive the proper password, or no one answers, they call the police who respond as quickly as possible.

With a monitored systems most insurance companies will give a discount for having a professionally installed and monitored alarm system to help alleviate the cost of the monthly monitoring fees.

It is important to check with your local police department on policies, procedures and ordinances for a monitored alarm system in your area.  Every jurisdiction may have different procedures and permits to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to security alarm activation.


Unmonitored systems typically have on-site sirens that indicate the security system has been breached. It relies on neighbors to see and hear the alarms and then to call the police. Neighbors or passersby should never investigate an alarm themselves. With an unmonitored system, it is best to have a combination of sirens inside the house or business and outside. They should be located on the street side of the house or business and in a location that is as inaccessible as possible.

A Word About Security Systems

Whichever system you choose, remember: Security Systems, alone, do not prevent thieves from breaking into homes. A good security plan should include strong, secure window, door and lock products; good security habits (always locking doors and windows and night or when the house is vacant); and human surveillance, such as a well-trained neighborhood watch program.


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